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Couples Counseling With Lisa Rabinowitz, MA

Lisa Rabinowitz, M.A. is a licensed couples counselor in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Florida & Vermont. Internationally, Lisa also offers couples counseling in Israel, Australia and British Columbia as well.

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About Lisa Rabinowitz, M.A

I help couples who are feeling frustrated, sad, lonely, and confused about their relationship so they can have the relationship they always dreamed of.

Relationships can be hard, but you do not have to navigate them alone.

I see my role as offering guidance, helping you see the cycle you’ve been stuck in, and helping you move into a happier place.

As your relationship counselor, I will help you make connections and learn new approaches so that you can get out of doing the same old thing and move on to better communication and getting what you want out of your life.

Lisa Rabinowitz, MA and couples counselor.

Individual Therapy

Let’s Start At The Beginning, How Do You Know That It’s Time To See A Couples Counselor Or Get Individual Therapy?

For many people, the sign that it’s time for therapy can be felt deep inside. People report “knowing” that life used to be easier; they were happier, felt loved and cared for by their spouse or other people in their life only to realize that something has gone wrong and that love is missing, or gone.

Couples report fighting, sometimes angrily other times silently. John Gottman’s research shows us that contempt in any form is deeply harmful in relationships.

Individually, clients often share experiencing a deepened sense of sadness, anxiety, obsessing, and behaviors to hide from their feelings. This may be avoiding the challenging talks or even numbing feelings with things like alcohol or excessive television.

There are many ways people avoid facing the truths in their life. When you reach a realization that you’re avoiding something painful, in your marriage, at work, or even with yourself, that is the sign it’s time for therapy.

What We Do

Why My PACT Couples Training & Gottman Certifications Are So Important To You

When a couple enters therapy, it’s the counselor’s job to hear, validate, referee, and empower the couple to resolve their conflicts. As both a Gottman certified couples therapist and PACT certified couples therapist (highest certification available currently), I bring lots of tools to our sessions. These tools allow you to access the heart of what you’re experiencing in your relationship so you find a stronger connection or clearer path ahead, whatever that looks like.

Counseling Services

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Couples Counseling

How Long Does It Take To See Results From Couples Counseling Or Individual Therapy?

Let’s look at couples. In 2-6 sessions of couples therapy, clients frequently share with me that they feel:

  1.  Validated and heard by their partner
  2.  A deeper connection and sense of intimacy between them
  3. Greater trust and appreciation
  4.  More compassion and a stronger ability to “see the other’s point of view”
  5.  Fewer arguments and less fights
  6. When trouble spots occur (and they will) they report being able to handle or manage the stress better
  7. Overall, a greater sense of optimism for the future
  8. Finally, a trust that their marriage is on the right track – the problems may not be fully resolved, but their marriage is being cared for finally and that brings a great sense of relief.

The same kind of results are achieved in individual counseling but instead of validation from your partner or support from your spouse, you will learn how to support yourself in similar ways. The core goal of individual counseling is to help you manage your feelings and stabilize your mood so you’re able to delve into deeper issues that are at the heart of why you are feeling sad, anxious or angry.

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Nothing will set your marriage and whole life on the right footing like a secure foundation. Take this precious time to work through big issues like kids, finances, where you want to live, religion or other spiritual affiliations and more before they become a true issue between you. To start your healing journey, please email me at to explore how to get started.

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