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Is ADHD affecting your marriage? Get help so that the challenges of ADHD and relationship stress are repaired together.

Being a married couple isn’t always easy. Add ADHD to the mix and couples often feel like getting their needs met and their relationship on track is impossible. I’m happy to tell you, it’s not. If you, your spouse, or both of you have ADHD it can take a toll on your marriage. Couples who learn how to navigate ADHD stressors create happy, loving partnerships. But, the ADHD impact on marriage can be long-felt and deep if you don’t address it.
ADHD and relationships
ADHD and relationships

How does ADHD affect marriages?

Couples often share feelings of isolation or loneliness in their marriage. When one partner has ADHD, sometimes there is an imbalance, or the perception of an imbalance, in responsibilities, childcare, household responsibilities, and intimacy. All of these issues on their own can negatively affect relationships, so you’re definitely not alone. Because clients with ADHD also frequently experience challenges with communication, expressing feelings and getting to healthy solutions is also affected.

Working with someone like me, who shares an expertise in couples communication along with a deep understanding of the impact of ADHD on cognitive functioning, processing, and executive functioning, together we can work on meaningful solutions that will get to the heart of your marital challenges and desires for change.

How can therapy help your marriage?

Therapy is a great way to air your grievances and get to the heart of your communication challenges. Couples therapy is wonderful for creating a safe space for couples to express their hurts and work on healing and repair.

When you add ADHD to the mix, often talking isn’t enough. Because ADHD is managed with skills and tools, it’s important that you work with a couples counselor who has both resources available.

As a certified Gottman certified couples therapist and PACT certified couples therapist (highest certification available currently), I bring a lot of tools to our work together so we get to solutions quickly and efficiently.

ADHD and relationships
Many couples tell me they have tried traditional couples therapy in the past and it didn’t help them. When we combine the multiple layers of personality, brain chemistry, communication, and heart to the solution, we can actually get things done and improve your marriage. Including helping your ADHD and relationships to get on the right track.

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If you’re in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Vermont or Florida I offer couples counseling and intensive couples retreats (from your home) to help your marriage get on the right track. Our sessions are conducted via teletherapy and are intensive and impactful.

If your marriage needs support for the additional stressors ADHD can bring, I can help you.

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