The Gottman Method

Gottman Method Couples Therapy In Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Vermont and Florida, as well as international and expats, With Lisa Rabinowitz, LCPC

Due to COVID-19, All Couples Counseling, Individual Counseling and Intensive Couple’s Retreats Are Conducted Via Teletherapy.

The gottman method of couples therapy

Is your Marriage in Crisis? I am a Certified Gottman Method Couples Therapist.

The past few years have been hard on many couples. Lots of people are struggling because they feel they want things to change in their marriage, but they feel trapped and stuck with their partner.

You may be worried where your relationship is heading because you are fighting and arguing about the same things over and over or maybe you hardly talk anymore. 

Problems often start slowly, with one or two little things. Maybe your partner upsets you but you don’t say anything or you avoid discussing what’s bothering you for fear of making waves. You don’t want to focus on the negative, but that’s all you are noticing in your relationship.

Then one, or both of you, start keeping score. You start to see the patterns. This often leads to feelings of “I don’t feel connected” all the way to “I don’t know you anymore.” While you long for the relationship you once had, getting there is an entirely different matter.

That is where I come in.

How Effective Is The Gottman Method?

My experience is that it is very effective. As a Gottman therapist, I aim to offer the best methods to resolve marriage and relationship crises.

My training doesn’t stop with the Gottman Method, so you have at your disposal a well-educated, personable therapist that you feel a connection with who will empower you to be honest and fully heal the challenges in your marriage.

Whether I am working with couples who are considering marriage or who have been married for years or decades, the Gottman Method helps me assess individual and relationship issues and concerns. From there, we delve into what’s creating the challenges in your relationship.

I will help you fix the most common relationship problems, which normally fall into one or more of these buckets:

  1. Communication
  2. Sex & Intimacy
  3. Parenting
  4. Money, Career & Big-picture Finances
  5. In-laws, Step Kids & Extended Family
  6. Shared Goals & Values
  7. Criticism, Defensiveness, Shame & Blame
  8. Not Enough Attention Or Appreciation

If your issue is not listed above, you don’t need to be concerned because every relationship is different and we will figure out how to improve your relationship too.

Working together, we develop a strategic, tailored plan for how you can address your challenges both as individuals and as a unified couple.

I can help you improve your relationship if you’re in the states of Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Vermont or Florida, as well as international and expats. We use teletherapy so services are accessible by everyone.

Why My Gottman Certification Matters To You

When a couple enters therapy, it’s the counselor’s job to hear, validate, referee, and empower the couple to resolve their conflicts. Without tools and strategies for healing relationships, couples can be in therapy for a long time. The Gottman Method allows us to focus on the heart of what is wrong so we can accurately assess if healing is possible.

For some couples, the goal is to simply figure out what to do. All options are on the table. If breaking up is the next “right” step, we will talk about it. Healing is a requirement from both sides if a marriage is to grow past its wounds.

As a Gottman certified couples therapist and Level 3 PACT therapist (highest certification available), I bring lots of tools to our sessions. These tools allow you to access the heart of what you’re experiencing in your relationship so you find a stronger connection or clearer path ahead, whatever that looks like.

Get Started With Gottman Method Couples Therapy Today

If you’re in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Vermont or Florida, as well as international or expats, I offer couples counseling and intensive couples retreat (from your home) to really move things along quickly. Our sessions are conducted via teletherapy and my license extends throughout Maryland. 

Nothing will set your marriage on the right footing like a secure foundation. Take this precious time to work through big issues like kids, finances, where you want to live, religion or other spiritual affiliations and more before they become a true issue between you.

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The gottman method of couples therapy