Rates For Couples Therapy & Couples Therapy Intensives

Couple's Therapy Rates

You have likely put your heart and soul into your intimate relationship and deserve to receive the most effective type of therapy.

I have put my heart and soul into offering you substantial academic education, years of training to counsel couples, supervision to be an expert in couples therapy, years of experience and a passion for working with couples.

My goal is how can I best help you address your needs, concerns and issues, using more than 40 years of research on what makes a successful relationship work.

It is entirely possible that you will find less expensive services.

It’s unlikely you will find better.

We will discuss which couples’ therapy plan best suits your needs: 1) therapy sessions, 2) therapy sessions with exercises to complete between sessions or 3) therapy sessions with exercises to complete between sessions and summaries of each session.

I accept credit card or Health Savings Account (HSA) payment.

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Me


Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat Rates

Sessions are held approximately 4-6 hours a day for 1-3 days (breaks included). We will have a 30-minute phone call or Zoom meeting to design your individualized Couples Therapy Retreat. The time we spend together will be based on your needs and will include support for you in the form of: 1) written exercises, 2) videos, 3) Gottman therapy assessment, 4) individualized feedback, 5) a summary following each session, 6) 15 minute follow-up session and 7) intensive discussions each time we meet.

All fees must be paid a minimum of 4 weeks in advance of your Couples Therapy Retreat (unless it is scheduled sooner and in that case payment is due upon scheduling). If for any reason you need to cancel, our agreement states that you will contact me for cancelation at least 4 weeks before your scheduled retreat date for a full refund.

Please refer to our agreement for other questions related to scheduling, payment, cancelations, and/or refunds, or send me your questions directly so I can help you out.

If you’re ready to explore an Intensive Couples Therapy Retreat to help your relationship, please contact me for a private free 30-minute consultation.