Teletherapy For Couples

Let’s Start At The Beginning, What Is Teletherapy?

Teletherapy or virtual therapy is just what it sounds like: it’s therapy on a video screen conducted remotely. Clients are often at home in a relaxed, comfortable setting making the entire experience more convenient.

At other times, clients may choose to take teletherapy on the road and meet with their counselor at a different location. Of course, that happened more often in non-pandemic times, but the idea for remote counseling is the same.

You meet with your counselor from a private location of your choice.

On the other end, your counselor (in this case it would be me, Lisa Rabinowitz), meets with you from a private location at her home.

To protect everyone’s privacy, I take care of a few details for you…

Is Teletherapy Secure & Confidential?

Yes, so long as you speak with me from a private setting. I will share with you a HIPPA Compliant video platform to ensure your privacy and confidentiality. I cannot control who is at your home or available to hear a conversation in your house. But on this end, the platform we speak to each other through is secure.

Other Than The Software, What Else Do I Need For Teletherapy?

Minus a computer with a video camera, the rest is standard “therapy stuff”. Obviously, if you’re meeting with me and your spouse, you need space in your room so the camera can capture both of you onscreen.

Ideally, your setting is quiet and private, away from distractions (cell phones, children, pets or other visitors) so we can have a good conversation.

If you want to take notes or keep track of our discussion that is fine too, but the conversations are not recorded for everyone’s privacy.

If our sessions require any additional tools, I will discuss that with you so we can arrange for those items. But normally, like traditional therapy in an office setting, all you need is your partner and you.

What Are The Main Benefits Of Teletherapy?

For some clients, there are a lot of tangible benefits. Because clients generally speak with me from their home, many costs are lessened. Consider that teletherapy reduces (even eliminates) the cost of driving to my office, spending money on gas, childcare, and parking.

There is also a significant benefit around your time. Meeting with me in this way virtually eliminates the time to commute. You can brew a cup of tea or coffee and experience therapy from your living room couch or other comfortable place in your home.

With teletherapy, you have a set session time, and it’s as easy as turning on your computer.

How Long Does Teletherapy Last?

Great question. My answer is that it lasts as long as you need it. In some cases, clients get a jump on the ice breaking and get into the heart of their issues faster because they are spoken about in their home.

There is something about sharing from the source that can help couples to open up quickly. It also sets up a special place in your home for you and your partner to continue these important discussions when we’re not in session.

This isn’t true for everyone, but it could be for you. Pay attention to how speaking with me from your home feels, and then let’s explore if the “home environment” brings up any barriers to your success.

How Can I Get Started With Your Teletherapy Couples Counseling Or Premarital Counseling Services?

In my counseling practice, I use teletherapy services to see clients across five states and internationally.

I am licensed in Maryland, Virginia, Florida, Vermont and Delaware. My global therapy practice extends to Israel, Australia and British Columbia.

I offer couples counseling, individual counseling, premarital counseling and ADHD.

As both a Gottman certified couples therapist and Level 3 PACT therapist (highest certification available), I bring lots of tools to our sessions. These tools allow you to access the heart of what you’re experiencing in your relationship so you find a stronger connection or clearer path ahead, whatever that looks like.

For some couples, regular counseling is not enough to make changes as quickly as desired. To help, I also offer intensive couples therapy that occurs over 2-3 days in an all-day intensive experience. This service is best for couples who have either been in therapy more than once and were dissatisfied with the length of time it took to reach results. Or for couples who have a deep desire to unearth issues, challenges, and healing at an accelerated pace.

Start Teletherapy Or Global Teletherapy Today.

Nothing will set your marriage on the right footing like a secure foundation. Take this precious time to work through big issues like kids, finances, where you want to live, religion or other spiritual affiliations and more before they become a true issue between you.

To start your healing journey, please email me at to explore how to get started.