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Couples Therapy in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Florida & Vermont and internationally.

Does your relationship feel stale, boring, or missing the aliveness it once had? Perhaps, the landscape of your marriage took a big turn when you had kids or your career took off? Maybe you’re struggling with intimacy or painful feelings after an affair?

In all of these situations, couples therapy and marriage counseling can help.

Let’s be real for a second. Couples therapy and marriage counseling are one in the same. They both deliver relationship support at a deep level to help you (and your partner) reconnect and make the important decisions about the future of your partnership.

It’s extremely serious and it will uplift your relationship forevermore. That’s the goal of couples therapy- to get you to a new place. That means that the future of your relationship will change. You will learn to be advocates for one another and to work at every turn for the ultimate health of your marriage, your family, and yourself.

Relationship support

Why Communication Issues Are At The Heart Of Marriage & Relationship Challenges

How you speak to your partner on a daily basis can either wear people down or build people up every single day. Communication is the singularly most important area that couples need support healing. It’s almost impossible to be best friends with your partner when you feel like your day to day discord tears you down or silences you with shame or criticism. The Grand Canyon that’s grown between you needs to be addressed. Once you do, life changes.

Couples Therapy in Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Florida & Vermont and internationally Works!

Working with a therapist like myself, helps you get to the heart of what’s wrong. Couples therapy leads to deeper connections, new levels of intimacy, and richer communication within your relationship and by extension, with everyone you love. When done right, couples therapy will lead you to release old hurts from the past. This will empower your relationship to feel new again. It will infuse you with hope, passion, and optimism. It also puts you on the same page with a shared vision giving you a true north for your future.
Couples therapy in Maryland
This couple is discussing why is kindness is important.

How Marriage & Relationship Counseling Works

What can you expect when seeking answers from a couples therapist?

Consider the following…
Couples counseling is NOT complaining about your partner. Couples counseling is not rehashing old arguments and replaying the same old argument with a therapist in the room.

Couples counseling is about solving the problem and learning new ways. Couples counseling is discovering new tools and ways of communicating that will ideally bring you closer and get everyone’s needs met. Couples counseling will help you feel emotionally safe and secure again, maybe even for the first time in your relationship.

In each session, I ask that you both listen and share. Your role is to bring to session your experience in the relationship so we can all gain a deeper understanding of what is happening. In the complex soup in a relationship, everyone plays their parts. Marriage is a two way conversation that two people created. Therefore, solving and harmonizing takes both people. And remember that my role is not to take sides. I am an impartial support for you both so your mutual goals are reached as quickly as possible. I am not “here for one party” over another. This is important if you have ever experienced therapy that felt one-sided or where you felt “to blame” for more than your part. Couples counseling aims at its heart to bring the relationship to the discussion, so you both learn how your individual experiences come to bear so they can be honored and healed.

What Couples Therapy Is Like

Couples counseling across Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Florida & Vermont and internationally is offered in a teletherapy format using a secure video link..

Sessions last for 2-3 hours as I offer an intensive approach designed to get to the heart of the matter quickly to help you produce better results.

As both a Gottman certified couples therapist and PACT certified couples therapist (highest certification available currently), I bring lots of tools to our sessions. These tools allow you to access the heart of what’s missing in your relationship so you find a stronger connection or clearer path ahead, whatever that looks like.

Couples Counseling Can Help- Start Couples Therapy In Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, Florida & Vermont and internationally Today.

If you’re motivated to fall in love again and remove the barriers to true happiness, let’s talk. I’m happy to dig in with you to discover the communication, healing, and recovery work needed to help you get your relationship on track.To start your healing journey, please email me at to explore how to get started. I’m happy to spend 20 minutes with you at no cost to see what’s possible for your relationship.